CRM / Help Desk Enterprise

Finally! An easy and powerful system that helps employees manage Leads, Quotes, Customers, Vendors, Products, Projects, Issues, Support, and communication in one integrated productivity suite.


ERP / Management Center

Executives and managers can run the company better with more accountability and better results with a back-end  system that provides the processes and information for the enterprise


Customer Portal/Help Desk

Provide your customers low-cost, online support from your website 24/7 AND integrated with the CRM system!  This gives your company competitive advantage, lowers cost, and increases company value.

ERP CRM Email Help Desk Information Flow Diagram

360EnterpriseSuite is a .NET/SQL set of modules that can be purchased to meet your company's specific requirements.  The CRM Enterprise module is designed to help make the entire enterprise more productive by providing one location to manage various information in one integrated fashion.

Looking for a corporate-class email messaging system that automatically organizes emails by lead, customer, vendor or project?  Wouldn't you like to be able to view all emails to/from a customer when you are talking with them, researching a problem or generating a quote?  You can't do that with Outlook or any other email program.

The Help Desk software module is designed to add powerful, data-driven, customer-specific  service help desk portal to your website.  Your customers log in and see support information you control for the products they have purchased and projects they are clients.  Companies use this as a selling point for choosing their company over their competitors.

For companies that have outgrown Quickbooks or other small-scale financial systems, we offer a complete Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution that includes inventory control, order processing, service processing, eCommerce, A/R, A/P, and more.  These modules are integrated from the ground up!