Benefits for Those Serving Customers

When a customer calls your company, they expect someone knowledgeable about their account to answer the phone.  If they don't get an answer quick, your company looks foolish.  In most companies, this happens because they don't have the one system to provide employees with all the information they need to serve the customer.    Here is how most companies system deal with customer calls now:
    Billing Question?  Talk to billing.  
    Project status? Talk to the project manager.  Oh, sorry, he is out this week.
    Order status?  Talk to order processing or sales.  Oh, sorry, their line is busy.
    Vendor PO Number?  Talk with purchasing.
    Did she get the email?  I don't know and they are not available.


Great companies have multi-million dollar system to allow their customer service people to answer all these questions.  Now your company can provide your employees a screen that will allow different people to look up this information and help your customers.  Here is your new 360 system:

    Billing question?  Ok. let me look that up
    Project status? Well, our project managers, Tim, is out this week, but I can look that up for you.
    Order status?  I can look that up for you.
    Vendor PO Number?  I looked it up and the PO has not been issued yet.
     Did she get the email?  Yes, I see it has been received.  How else can I help you? 

The reduction in interruptions and time savings throughout your company is phenomenal!

Customer service information flow

What is the Problem with most CRM systems handling Customer Service?

The problem with most CRM systems is they are designed for salespeople - not customer service people dealing with customers.  They stop at leads and basic customer information.  They don't allow them to see phone notes, emails, quotes, and order history with a click of a button.  360EnterpriseSuite does.

The other problem is that the current customer information is hidden in your accounting application.  Doesn't it make sense to have one customer record that all systems (even email system) are tied to?

What does 360EnterpriseSuite Offer that other CRM systems don't?

360EnterpriseSuite CRM provides the following customer service tools that help anyone in the company from the president to the secretary be more efficient and helpful when dealing with customer needs:


Click on the customer screen and see who is assigned to that customer, the emails to/from that customer, the tasks associated with that customer (and who is assigned to those tasks), the project issues involving all their projects, open quotes and orders.

• Provides a way to quickly take a phone message  or email the customer right back with the information that they need.

• Provides a easy way to see and update update contact information and add new contacts to the customer record.

• Automatically updates the last contact date was with the customer and by whom and when the next follow-up date is(for the sales team).

• Look up product or service availability and even pricing quickly and easily.

Customer service


How do I get my customers into the system?

Existing Customer lists can be exported from your current software into a Excel spreadsheet, then uploaded into the 360EnterpriseSuite system.     The 360EnterpriseSuite system has security built so only certain people can update certain customer information, but provides visibility.

It only takes one click to turn a lead into a customer in 360EnterpriseSuite.

What about keeping other involved with that customer informed?

Basically, the system does that for you automatically.  You get the benefit of seeing the customer history and so do others associated with that customer.

Want to See More?

This really helps companies service their customers quickly.  To see how it works for you, Contact us for a free demonstration.