Benefits for Business Owners and Executives

In Jim Collin's book - Good to Great and Michael Gerber's The E-Myth, both state that one of the most important roles of a business owner is to 1) hire good people and 2) provide the processes and information systems to let those people succeed at meeting the business objectives.

Most small business start out with Quickbooks and Outlook, then they add a contact management program like Act or some free internet CRM, then they add a quoting system software, then they add a inventory system and before you know it, you have absolute chaos trying to maintain all these systems.   Everybody is doing their jobs using their own methods, spreadsheets, templates, etc.   Many owners don't even know how much time, energy, and brainpower is being wasted trying to make everything work together.  And as employees come and go, their systems come and go with them with no value left behind.

 Your company needs integrated systems that let people know their responsibilities, do their jobs productively with repeatable results, be accountable, and  In addition, you also need to follow-up on all your own people, phone calls, emails, and quotes they deal with every day.  

What is the Problem with using Quickbooks, Outlook, CRM and Spreadsheet systems?

Its simple, these systems cause alot of extra time and energy keeping people "busy" synchronizing the data and using their own system to keep track of it all.   When an employee leaves the company, what happened to all their emails? When a quote is made, what pricing and discount lists are they using? When an order is processed, what is the status, how did it affect inventory?   When a return is made, do you have a system or process?

Small companies can make it work by sheer force, but as you grow bigger, it gets more and more critical to have the information system that have the processes built into it.

What does 360EnterpriseSuite Offer you, the Executive and Owner?

360EnterpriseSuite provides Owners and Executives the following benefits:

• Full and complete visibility of the entire company operation - anytime, anywhere (even on vacation)
One database system so everyone is working off the same information - no time wasting double entry
• A GAAP compliant Sales Order processing system and process from Quote to Invoice
• An integrated eCommerce system where your customers can place quotes and orders online - going right to SOP
• A GAAP compliant Purchase Order Processing system from PO to Payment
• A GAAP compliant Return system for when products are returned
Inventory management system, fully integrated with SOP and POP
• BOM, MRP system for light manufacturing/assembly - Configurator for complex products
• Full GAAP and IFAS accounting system to add credibility when you sell your business to a big company one day
• Powerful security and auditing to prevent theft of lead lists, customer lists, embezzlement, and other issues
• International features to allow your company to do global business and outsourcing at a moment's notice
• Provides a smart email and phone message system  and that organizes emails and phone messages by lead, customer, and follow-up dates giving all management the visibility to all emails from/to a lead or customer, vendor, or lead
See all Sales, Production, and Financial Activity quickly and easily - all with real-time data. 
• Here is more... see PDF Flyer

ERP home page screen shot

Great, but what will this cost?

What do you think your current systems are costing you now - not in licenses, but in human brain energy?  

We have priced 360EnterpriseSuite to be much less than competing ERP and CRM systems.  There is an up-front setup and implementation cost to help you set up the system specifically for your company.  Standard implementations can be as little as $3,000 and as much as $20,000 which varies depending upon your situation and needs.  You will receive a quote you on this after we discuss your company operations with you (a free consultation).

 You pay a low fee per user per month as your organization benefits.  Full CRM is $30 per user per month.  Full ERP is around $50 per user per month.  Discounts for large companies.  Program Updates are free.  Implementations and Customizations are quoted separately. 

The feedback from our pricing is that we have the best system for the price (best value).   Other ERP systems cost $30-60k to implement.  360EnterpriseSuite isn't as complicated, so it doesn't cost as much.  Contact us for a free demo, consultation and quote by us or one of our independent resellers in your area.


What are examples of how we will save?

Licensing and IT costs for your existing financial and Outlook software systems, upgrades, and backups.  Note - you can keep using Exchange and Outlook if that is what you want.
Hidden costs of your employees trying to keep up synchronizing all the systems. (this pays for the program every month)
Hidden costs of hiring new employees and training using manual multi-systems
Paper costs for recording reports, emails, etc.
Hidden costs of reading copied emails FYI only.
Potential losses due to information theft, embezzlement, etc.
Save the higher cost of doing this later when the pain is so high you have to


How do we get our Data into the system?

Step 1 - A professional implementor is assigned to your project.   You assign someone to interface with.  There is an initial consultation and company setup as coordinated.

Step 2 - Existing Employees, Items, Customers, Leads, Vendors, COA, and other lists are exported from your existing systems like Quickbooks, Outlook, Act, Salesforce, etc. into spreadsheets.  These lists are imported then uploaded into the 360EnterpriseSuite system.

Step 3 - Beginning balances, budgets, payroll, and other information is entered by your accounting folks. 

Step 4 - If desired, historical information such as orders, purchase orders, BOM and other transactions may be entered into the system by your people or the implementation expert.  If there is alot of these transactions, importing is best.  Many companies use dual systems for a year to look up historical transactions.

New leads come in from emails, phone calls, and web forms - all integrated with

How long does this process take?

With all the defaults as they come with the system, your company system can be set up in two days.
However, to import your data and get everything set up, the process can take two weeks to two months, depending upon the level of implementation required for your company.  The less legacy data imported, the less time and cost it takes.

Want to See It Work and get exact costs?

Every manager has different roles and responsibilities.  To see how it works for you, Contact us for a free demonstration.