Benefits for Project Managers

Project manager's are jugglers - it seems that every day something comes up that could impact the plan and schedule!  And there are hundreds, even thousands of emails flying all over the office with everyone copying everyone else so they stay informed.  Right?

A PM's job isn't easy and requires real-time information to stay on top of it all.  You are responsible for getting the project done on time and under budget.  You have to deal with other people to help get the job done.    You have to write quotes for changes, you have to keep track of all the issues and whose responsibility it is to get them done.

If you are using MS Outlook, Project, Quickbooks and spreadsheets to do all this, you are probably having a hard time keeping it up with it all.  To do all this efficiently, you need system that lets you manage project tasks, issues, emails, and budgets automatically. 

 In addition, you also need to follow-up on all the people, phone calls, emails, tasks and issues that .  

Good project managers have a fool-proof system that does not let any project task or issue get lost or forgotten.   Good companies provide a uniform system for all their project managers.

What is the Problem with most CRM systems?

The problem with most CRM systems is they don't have all the tools you need to handle projects.   They don't allow emails to be assigned to projects, or emails to be converted to tasks or issues.  They don't allow PMs to delegate tasks and issues and provide a tracking system to keep up.  And they make you maintain the project list and other information in a separate system from the financial system.

What does 360EnterpriseSuite Offer a Project Manager that other CRM systems don't?

360EnterpriseSuite CRM provides the following tools that help project managers be more efficient at what they do best - c managing the project team:

• Provides a contact management system tied into the main customer database where the project manager can add and edit contact information.   Contacts can be emailed and project issues generated so every question, task, issue gets resolved. 

• Provides a smart email and phone message system  and that organizes emails and phone messages by customer and project including follow-up dates.  When you look at a project, you and other team members can see all the emails received/sent related to that project.   You don't have to copy every one on every email anymore! 

• Provides a easy way for everyone to look up Project information like schedule, tasks, to-dos, issues, budgets all on one project screen.

• Provides you an easy way to prepare Project Estimates that is tied directly to the ERP system pricing.  One click turns an estimate into a Project Budget.
(Current Pricing, customer information, discounts, everything is coming from one database so it is painless)

• With the ERP system, enter Timesheets quickly and easily - all with real-time data.  With 360, the project manager can manage who can bill time on the job and at what rate.    Budgets and costs are constantly up to date as they work in the CRM system.

Project screen


How do I get  my Projects into the system?

Existing Projects can be exported from your current software into a Excel spreadsheet, then uploaded into the 360EnterpriseSuite system, assigned to you.  Customers are also imported from your financial system (or other data source) to the customer list.   The 360EnterpriseSuite system has security built so only you (and your manager(s)) can manage your project information.


What about keeping Management informed?

Your responsibilities may include giving project status reports.    It's all real-time with 360EnterpriseSuite.  Timesheets, expenses, purchase orders, invoices all get applied to project accounting as people work, so the information flows quickly and effortlessly through the system to the income statement.   

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