Benefits for Sales Professionals

A salespersons primary concern is getting more sales because their commission and lively hood depends upon it.  To be sucessful, the salespersons need a steady stream of leads and a great system to follow-up on all the people, phone calls, emails, and quotes they deal with every day.   Many times, salespeople in small companies will have their own system like Act or Goldmine to track their activity.    But these systems are not connected to the rest of the company information.

Good salespeople are keys to the company because customers contact them and they follow-up with their customers to make sure they are happy and try to up sell more products or services to them.  So salespeople need to be assigned to customers and have a system to not only track their own dealings with them, but also be up-to-speed on how the company is serving their needs.  They need to see order status, phone notes, emails that were produced by others.

What is the Problem with most CRM systems?

The problem with most CRM systems is that they are designed only for sales and don't have tools for the rest of the company - like customer service, project management, quotes, orders, etc.   They don't allow them to do quotes tied to the product or service list pricing, they can't see product inventory, they can't see emails sent by service people, and they have no idea what the status of their order unless they go bother someone with the information.   With 360EnterpriseSuite, you get to see all the quotes, emails, phone messages, projects - everything - related to that customer or lead.  This helps you stay informed easier to close sales faster!

What does 360EnterpriseSuite Offer that other CRM systems don't?

360EnterpriseSuite CRM provides the following tools that help salespeople be more efficient at what they do best - selling and helping customers:

• Provides a easy way to look up product/service item information like pricing and inventory that is tied directly to the items list (a quick search and you have all the information at your fingertips)

• Provides a easy way to prepare Quotes that is tied directly to the items list pricing and customer discounts
(Current Pricing, customer information, discounts, everything is coming from one database so it is painless)

• With the ULTIMATE edition, commissions are calculated instantly as payments are received, helping management process commission checks quickly and painlessly so they get in your hands without delay.  Any complex commission rules can be programmed into the system by item or customer.

• See all Customer's  Product Support Requests and Project Status being done by other employees so you are "in the loop" of what is going on with your customers.

• Provides a smart email and phone message system  and that organizes emails and phone notes by lead, customer, and follow-up dates.  Imagine having visibility to all emails and notes from customer service from/to a lead or customer while talking with that lead!

Track Sales leads

How do I get my leads into the system?

Existing Leads can be exported from your current software like Salesforce, Act, Goldmine, or any other system into a Excel spreadsheet, then uploaded into the 360EnterpriseSuite system, assigned to you so you retain control over your leads.  Customer lists can imported from your financial system like Quickbooks (or other data source) to the customer list.  Customers assigned to you are stored with your name on it.  The 360EnterpriseSuite system has security built so only you (and your manager(s)) can see your lead information.

New leads come in from emails, phone calls, and web forms - all integrated with

What about keeping my manager informed?

Your manager has visibility of your lead pipeline - real time.  You just do what you do, keep the system updated, and the management reports are good.   This saves you more time

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