Benefits for Sales Managers

A sales manager's job isn't easy and requires real-time information to stay on top of it all.  You are responsible for coaching and overseeing a sales team, managing the company sales message(s), and tracking sales.     You may also have your own accounts to manage.   To do all this, you need a  system that lets you see the big picture, drill down to find what needs your help, and to have real-time reports you can go over with your sales and marketing team.  

 In addition, you also need to follow-up on all your own people, phone calls, emails, and quotes they deal with every day.   Many times, salespeople in small companies will have their own system like Act or Goldmine to track their activity.     This doesn't work for multiple sales people who need information on their phones, iPads, and laptops.

Good sales managers are fair with their team but require accountability.  They need a system that assigns leads and customers to people and make them accountable for serving that contact or company.   And sales managers need a system where they can review quotes, emails, sales activity at any time they get involved.

What is the Problem with most CRM systems?

The problem with most CRM systems is that they are not tied into the rest of the company information.   They don't allow pricing tied directly to the financial system.   So when a quote is done, are you sure the right prices and discounts are being quoted?  Most CRM systems don't let you see inventory availability, they can't see emails sent by others, and they have no idea what the status of their order unless they go bother someone with the information.

What does 360EnterpriseSuite Offer that other CRM systems don't?

360EnterpriseSuite CRM provides the following tools that help sales managers be more efficient at what they do best - coaching and managing their sales team:

• Provides a lead management system where the sales manager can assign leads and customers to the sales people, which makes them more accountable.   Leads come in from your website automatically, phone calls, emails, or lead lists with you having complete visibility and drill-down capability. 

• Provides a smart email and phone message system  and that organizes emails and phone messages by lead, customer, and follow-up dates.  Imagine you having the visibility to all emails from/to a lead or customer while talking with that lead!

• Provides a easy way for everyone to look up product/service information (and pricing) that is tied directly to the items and customer discount list.
(a quick search and you have all the information at your fingertips)

• Provides your sales team an easy way to prepare Quotes that is tied directly to the items list pricing and customer discounts.  Each quote will be consistent.
(Current Pricing, customer information, discounts, everything is coming from one database so it is painless)

• With the ERP system, see and report on all Sales Activity quickly and easily - all with real-time data.  With 360, your sales pipeline reports show real-time data without disturbing your sales force to "create and submit your report"  It is constantly up to date as they work in the CRM system.

Track Sales leads


How do I get  leads into the system?

Existing Leads can be exported from your current software into a Excel spreadsheet, then uploaded into the 360EnterpriseSuite system, assigned to you so you retain control over your leads.  Purchased lead lists can also be uploaded the same way.  Customers are also imported from your financial system (or other data source) to the customer list.  Customers assigned to you are stored with your name on it.  The 360EnterpriseSuite system has security built so only you (and your manager(s)) can see your lead information.

New leads come in from emails, phone calls, and web forms - all integrated with

What about keeping Management informed of Sales?

Your responsibilities may include giving sales forecasts.   Just run the sales pipeline report, export to Excel, and do any data analyis that you want to prepare your sales forecast.    Reports can be done by product, service, project, even employee.   Know that all the data is completely up-to-date.  Fast and easy.  You can even enter sales budgets for the financial system if that is part of your job.  Its all one, integrated system so you are working together on one database - not separate systems. 

Want to See More?

Every manager has different roles and responsibilities.  To see how it works for you, Contact us for a free demonstration.