Imagine if Leads, Customers, Vendors, and all their information was in one, integrated application...
...with everyone using the same system!
The Problem Most Companies Have

The problem that most companies have is that they have to many systems containing the same information and their processes are not defined.  These unconnected systems are keeping them from operating efficiently because it takes so much of  employee's time and energy to keep the data synchronized and maintained.   It talks lots of needless reminder emails, post it notes, and double entry to keep it all straight.  Does this sound like your company?


For Example, here is how most small to medium business operate:

 - Storing leads in a contact manager like Act or Goldmine
-  Storing quotes in Word or Excel, tracking quotes in Excel
 - Storing orders and financials in Quickbooks or some other program
 - Tracking Inventory or projects in some other program
 - Using Outlook for emails and other critical information
 - Using spreadsheets to patch it all together

360EnterpriseSuite stores all this information in one, integrated solution with defined accountability, making doing business and getting things done frictionless.

More Integrated Features than other CRMs


In additional to lead and customer management, 360EnterpriseSuite has features like WebLeads, integrated HelpDesk, Smart eMail, Quotes, Project Issues, Timesheets, and other features that you won't find in other CRM/ERP applications.  Plus, additional modules including full ERP order processing and financials can be added to meet your company's exact requirements.

Easy to Learn and Use, Immediate Results

360EnterpriseSuite is designed to be similar to the Outlook - style menu system that your employees already know.  They can use the program instantly, being productive from the start.    We train and answer questions as part of our service.   No installation or IT costs - we do that for you.

Low Cost, High Impact

You are paying employees thousands of dollars per month.  Give them software to help them do the best job for your customers and the company will reap the rewards in repeat business and new sales.  360EnterpriseSuite CRM is only $25  per user/month (less than 1% of your current employee cost).  Enterprises with over 100 users have lower pricing.


Features / Pricing


Email Chaos?  Your dream comes true
What if you had a system that when you look at the customer record, you could see all the emails from and to that customer with one click?  And see a customer's email history even if you were not copied on their emails? And turn an email from a customer to a delegated task...  360EnterpriseSuite can... and delegate, and defer, and alot more...

"I Wear Many Hats"

If you are one of those people who does it all - sales, customer service, projects, etc., your productivity will soar ... Let us demonstrate how