Video in progress - Here are the Customer Portal screen shots!

The only Help desk solution with both Product Support and Project Issues that is integrated with CRM.   Imagine your competitive advantage when your customers can see this portal and "connect" with your company! 

For Product and Service Based Businesses:

HelpDesk for Product SupportThis is a huge perk for your customers or call center to self-help and submit new help requests.  Your company manages the input and can elect to make each request public or private.


For Project Managers   Your customers and/or Call Center can also submit/review project issues!

Help Desk for Project SupportWhat a competitive advantage for your company !   Your Project Managers will love this and so will your customers.  Your Project Manager control which issues are private or public and can keep your client(s) informed 24/7.

Here are the competitive advantages you receive:
    - Phone and email support integrated to both Product Support Requests and and Project Issues
    - As your employees answer requests for one customer, it builds knowledge base for others.
    - All requests entered by customers are assigned in the Management Center and then managed in the CRM modules


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